History of Tama Software Ltd.

May 14, 1993
Founded in Noborito, Tama-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Developed Light Macro Assembler -> Details
Developed Light Editor
May 1994
Moved to Inokata, Komae, Tokyo
Developed Light Macro Assembler V2.0
Apr 1997
Started the Translation Service -> Details
Sep 1997
Developed Light Proxy -> Details (Japanese)
Jul 1998
Developed PC Telnetd -> Details
Dec 1998
Moved to Akustu, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Started the DTP Service -> Details
Aug 1999
Developed Light C (C Compiler) -> Details (Japanese)
Sep 1999
Developed PC Telnetd 2.0 -> Details
Jan 2000
Developed TransAid TaMIF (Translation Tool for FrameMaker)
Oct 2001
Developed Light C for COSMO16 (C Cross-Compiler for Space Satellite System by NEC)
Nov 2001
Developed PChecker (Patent Document Checker) -> Details (Japanese)
Dec 2001
Developed TransAid TaCOM V5.3 (Translation Tool)
Jul 2002
Moved to Senju, Adachi, Tokyo
SoftOffice Senju 801 (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Apr 2003
Developed TransAid TaCOM V6.0
Sep 2003
Developed LightGREP (Full Text Seach Utility) -> Details (Japanese)
Jan 2004
SoftOffice Senju 901 (Rental Office) Open
Sep 2004
Started to sell Pepakura Designer (Software for Paper Craft) -> Details
Started to sell Popup Card Designer Pro
Dec 2004
SoftOffice Kannai (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Apr 2005
Started SoftAd Service (Advertisement Delivery Service)
Jan 2005
Developed LightVM (Version Controller) -> Details (Japanese)
Aug 2005
SoftOffice Yokohama (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
May 2006
Developed ARTESSO (Old name: RAPS) Compiler (C Compiler for Embedded Devices)
Jul 2006
SoftOffice Kinshicho (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Sep 2006
Updated SoftAd Service -> Current Status (Japanese)
Oct 2006
Developed Pepakura Designer V2 -> Details
Mar 2007
Developed WSH COM Component "Toas" -> Details
Aug 2007
SoftOffice Nakano (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Apr 2008
Developed ARTESSO Compiler 3.03
Aug 2008
Developed Pepakura Designer V3 -> Details
Feb 2009
SoftOffice Senju 1001 (Rental Office) Open
Apr 2009
Started data entry/computerization job
Apr 2010
Developed line/character recognition software
Nov 2011
SoftOffice Kannai 8F (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Dec 2011
SoftOffice Kanda (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Jul 2012
SoftOffice Machida (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
May 2013
SoftOffice Senju 1003 (Rental Office) Open
Apr 2014
Start to develop a compiler for multi-core image processing unit
Apr 2014
Invest in a venture 'Fermiz Co., Ltd.' (Self whitening)
Jun 2016
Establish a subsidiary 'Ryu-sen Co., Ltd.' (Rental salon)
Aug 2016
Invest in a recycle service company 'Souken-Kaihatsu Corp.' (Recycle service for construction sites) -> Closed until Mar 2017
Dec 2017
SoftOffice Mito (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Jan 2018
Developed Pepakura Designer V4 -> Details
Dec 2018
Developed financial trading software and started its operation