History of Tama Software Ltd.


May 14, 1993
Founded in Noborito, Tama-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Developed Light Macro Assembler -> Details
Developed Light Editor
May 1994
Moved to Inokata, Komae, Tokyo
Developed Light Macro Assembler V2.0
Apr 1997
Started the Translation Service -> Details
Sep 1997
Developed Light Proxy -> Details (Japanese)
Jul 1998
Developed PC Telnetd -> Details
Dec 1998
Moved to Akustu, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Started the DTP Service -> Details
Aug 1999
Developed Light C (C Compiler) -> Details (Japanese)
Sep 1999
Developed PC Telnetd 2.0 -> Details
Jan 2000
Developed TransAid TaMIF (Translation Tool for FrameMaker)
Oct 2001
Developed Light C for COSMO16 (C Cross-Compiler for Space Satellite System by NEC)
Nov 2001
Developed PChecker (Patent Document Checker) -> Details (Japanese)
Dec 2001
Developed TransAid TaCOM V5.3 (Translation Tool)
Jul 2002
Moved to Senju, Adachi, Tokyo
SoftOffice Senju 801 (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Apr 2003
Developed TransAid TaCOM V6.0
Sep 2003
Developed LightGREP (Full Text Seach Utility) -> Details (Japanese)
Jan 2004
SoftOffice Senju 901 (Rental Office) Open
Sep 2004
Started to sell Pepakura Designer (Software for Paper Craft)
Started to sell Popup Card Designer Pro
Dec 2004
SoftOffice Kannai (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Apr 2005
Started SoftAd Service (Advertisement Delivery Service)
Jan 2005
Developed LightVM (Version Controller) -> Details (Japanese)
Aug 2005
SoftOffice Yokohama (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
May 2006
Developed ARTESSO (Old name: RAPS) Compiler (C Compiler for Embedded Devices)
Jul 2006
SoftOffice Kinshicho (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Sep 2006
Updated SoftAd Service -> Current Status (Japanese)
Oct 2006
Developed Pepakura Designer V2
Mar 2007
Developed WSH COM Component "Toas" -> Details
Aug 2007
SoftOffice Nakano (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Apr 2008
Developed ARTESSO Compiler 3.03
Aug 2008
Developed Pepakura Designer V3
Feb 2009
SoftOffice Senju 1001 (Rental Office) Open
Apr 2009
Started data entry/computerization job
Sep 2009
Invested in a recycle service company 'Souken-Kaihatsu Corp.' (Recycle service for construction sites) -> Until Mar 2017
Apr 2010
Developed line/character recognition software
Nov 2011
SoftOffice Kannai 8F (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Dec 2011
SoftOffice Kanda (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Jul 2012
SoftOffice Machida (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
May 2013
SoftOffice Senju 1003 (Rental Office) Open
Apr 2014
Start to develop a compiler for multi-core image processing unit
Apr 2014
Established a subsidiary 'Fermiz Co., Ltd.' (Self whitening)
Jun 2016
Established a subsidiary 'Ryu-sen Co., Ltd.' (Rental salon)
Dec 2017
SoftOffice Mito (Rental Office) Open -> Photo
Jan 2018
Developed Pepakura Designer V4
Dec 2018
Developed financial trading software and started its operation
May 2022
Developed Pepakura Designer V5
Jun 2023
Established TamaSoft Estonia OÜ.
Apr 2024
Developed Pepakura Designer V6 -> Details