Stable Version in the Past

Ver.6.0.2 (23 May 2024)

  • Fixed an issue where the shortcut for grouping selected multiple objects (Ctrl+G) and ungrouping (Ctrl+Shift+G) sometimes did not work
  • Fixed an issue where [Viewing Angle] in the view settings of the 3D model window did not work
  • Added the [Zoom to Selected Objects (F4)] feature to the [2D Layout] menu
  • Assigned the F3 key shortcut to the [Fit Page to Window] feature in the [2D Layout] menu

Ver.6.0.1 (13 May 2024)

  • When the center of rotation for a 3D model remains the same as its initial state, the point indicating the center of rotation is no longer displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the 90-degree rotation button for parts would not activate when only one part is selected.
  • When rotating parts, holding the [Ctrl] key now snaps the rotation in 15-degree increments.
  • When installing with administrator rights, choosing the option to create a desktop shortcut now places the shortcut on the desktops of all users.

Ver.6.0.0 (13 Apr. 2024)

  • 3D Model View
    • When operating the viewpoint with a right drag, the interface has been improved so that the starting point of the drag becomes the center of rotation (similar to Cinema4D interface) (โ†’ Description)
    • An option to display textures on the backside has been added
    • Buttons to toggle the display of faces, edges, and dimension lines have been added to the toolbar
    • The accuracy of face selection with mouse clicks has been greatly improved
  • 2D Layout View
    • When mirroring operations, the position of text objects is also reversed
    • It is now possible to import images onto the 2D layout view by dropping image files (โ†’ Description)
    • It is now possible to enter text objects onto the 2D layout view by dropping text files (Text must be encoded in UTF-8. Blank lines will split the text into multiple text objects) (โ†’ Description)
    • The upper limit of font size has been expanded to 1000 points
    • When separating and joining parts, pressing the spacebar scales and adjusts the position so that the entire arrow fits on the screen (โ†’ Description)
    • When selecting multiple parts with area selection, pressing the [Shift] key allows moving the selection objects by mouse drag, and pressing the [Ctrl] key allows for additional area selection when not selecting an object (โ†’ Description)
    • In the area selection of parts, drawing a rectangle from left to right makes a window selection (selecting parts contained within the rectangle), and from right to left makes a crossing selection (selecting parts that intersect the rectangle) (โ†’ Description)
    • The upper limit of page size setting has been set to 100,000mm, effectively removing the practical upper limit
    • A function to align selected objects has been added. When selecting parts in the 3D model view, they are arranged in the order selected (โ†’ Description)
    • A search function for strings has been added
    • An option to display arrows for part connections on all edges has been added
  • General
    • The object list can now be arranged alphabetically
    • Multiple objects can now be deleted at once
    • The file name of texture images can now be displayed
    • The DXF file export function for SilhouetteCAMEO has been integrated, allowing the feature to be used without additional costs
    • When configuration changes requiring a restart of Pepakura Designer are made, Pepakura Designer will automatically restart

Stable Version in the Past