FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Most populer questions

Q1-1. I lost my license keycode. What should I do?

Please submit the following information from here.
- The name and the version number of the software you purchased.
- Purchase date (DD/MM/YY)
- Purchaser's name
- Purchaser's e-mail address

After we confirm the above information with our records, we will re-issue the keycode.

Q1-2. Is there a version for Mac?

We are sorry we do not have a Mac version.

Q1-3. How can I make original models?

Pepakura Designer is software for unfolding 3D models and does not have the functions required to create original 3D data. You have to design 3D model data with other 3DCG software. Pepakura Designer can import the file formats listed below:
  • Metasequoia (*.mqo) * Highest compatibility
  • Wavefront (*.obj)
  • 3D Studio (*.3ds)
  • Lightwave (*.lwo)
  • AutoCAD (*.dxf)
  • STL (Binary format) (*.stl)
  • Google Earth 4 (*.kmz, *.kml)
  • Hexa Great (*.6kt, *.6ks)
Some free 3D CG software is available to generate supported file formats. These include blender, google SketchUp and Metasequoia.

Q1-4. Do you have Iron-Man files or the Halo 3 helmet?

We are software developer.
We are sorry we do not provide specific paper models. Please ask in a papercraft community on the Internet.
You may find some interesting data in our Pepakura Gallery.


Q2-1. Does my license keycode have an expiration date?

No. There is no expiration date.
Your license keycode is valid indefinitely.
If you purchase a license key for Pepakura Designer 4.x.x, the keycode is also valid for future versions of Pepakura Designer 4.x.x.

Q2-2. Do you have any discount for educational use?

I'm sorry we do not offer an educational discount.
We do, however, have a volume discount for orders of 10 or more licenses.
Please feel free to ask for details using the contact form.
>> Go to Contact Form.

Import and Export (Data Exchange)

Q3-1. Pepakura Designer fails to import my 3D data.

Pepakura Designer has high compatibility with OBJ format.
Could you convert your data into OBJ?
The following free converters would be helpful.
- Open 3D Model Viewer (Windows Application)
- Online 3D Converter (Online tool)

Q3-2. I would like to see the data exported by Pepakura Designer before purchasing a license.

Pepakura Designer can export unfolded patterns into EMF, DXF, and EPS format as vector data.
For example, Adobe Illustrator can import these.
You can download sample files exported by Pepakura Designer from the following link to confirm compatibility with your drawing software.

- Exported data from Pepakura Designer : [sample_data.zip]

Trouble Shooting

Q4-1. The Pepakura Designer/Viewer screen is black. Nothing is displayed.

Please check ON [Setting]-[Other Settings]-[Advanced]-[Enable hardware rendering] option. Then restart Pepakura Designer.

If it does not resolve the issue, please check OFF the option, and then follow the steps below:
1. Download opengl32.dll from here.
2. Place the dll in the folder where Pepakura Designer 4 exists.
(default folder is "c:\Program Files (x86)\tamasoftware\pepakura4en\designer\")

Q4-2. The toolbars disappeared. How can I get them back?

Please select [Settings]-[Reset to Default], and then restart Pepakura Designer.

Q4-3. Pepakura Designer/Viewer does not print correctly.

Exporting to a PDF file by using a PDF printer is a solution.
PDFCreator is free software.


Q5-1. How can I get developments in a specific scale?

You can modify the scale by selecting [2D Menu]-[Change Scale]-[Scale Factor]. Note that this is only available on Pepakura Designer.
Pepakura Viewer cannot change scale.
If you want to scale with Pepakura Viewer, please change your printer setting.

Q5-2. I can only see a few edges on a 3D model, that should have a lot of edges.

The nearly flat edges are not displayed as a default setting.
Please select [Setting]-[Other Settings] menu, then uncheck [Hide nearly flat folding lines].

Q5-3. There are many red lines on a 3D model and I cannot unite them in the 2D window.

The red line shows that the edge is NOT shared by two faces.
Please try to unite the edges located at almost the same position in your 3DCG software.


Q6-1. The unfolded pattern is too complicated. How can I reduce the number of pieces?

Pepakura Designer cannot reduce the number of polygons.
Please try to simplify the model with other 3DCG software.
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