Geometry Models (Free)

From here, you can download the patterns of geometric models, including regular polyhedrons. We provide these models for free.

Data format

The data files are in .pdo format supported by Pepakura Designer. For access to these files, install Pepakura Designer first.
If you want to build white models, check off the item [Both Windows/Use Materials for Face] before print.

Regular polyhedron

From here you can get access to all the five regular polyhedrons. Each polyhedron is inscribed in a sphere with size of 10cm diameter.


Download [tetrahedron.pdo] (3KB)


Download [cube.pdo] (4KB)


Download [octahedron.pdo] (4KB)


Download [dodecahedron.pdo] (23KB)


Download [icosahedron.pdo] (9KB)


With size of 5cm in radius and 10cm in height.

Regular 3 pyramid

Regular 4 pyramid

Regular 6 pyramid

Regular 8 pyramid

Regular 16 pyramid

Regular 64 pyramid

Download [] (18KB)
(The zip file contains all the data of these pyramids.)


With size of 4cm in radius and 8cm in height.

Regular 3 prism

Regular 4 prism

Regular 6 prism

Regular 8 prism

Regular 16 prism

Regular 64 prism

Download[] (24KB)
(The zip file contains all the data of these prisms.)

Truncated Polygons

The truncated polygons are generated from regular polygons by truncating operations. We provide 5 truncated polygons.

Truncated Tetrahedron

Truncated Cube

Truncated Octahedron

Truncated Dodecahedron

Truncated Icosahedron

Download[] (30KB)
(The zip file contains all the data of truncated polygons.)