Geometry Models (Free)

Here you can download geometric model developments, including regular polyhedrons, free of charge. The developers would appreciate it if you would use this material for educational purposes.

Data format

The data files are in .pdo format, which Pepakura Designer opens. Please install Pepakura Designer beforehand.
You can build a white model by checking off [Both Windows]-[Use Materials for Face] when printing.

Regular polyhedron

Here are all five regular polyhedrons. Each polyhedron is a size that is inscribed in a sphere with 10cm diameter.


Download [tetrahedron.pdo] (3KB)


Download [cube.pdo] (4KB)


Download [octahedron.pdo] (4KB)


Download [dodecahedron.pdo] (23KB)


Download [icosahedron.pdo] (9KB)


The pyramid base is inscribed in a circle with 5cm radius and the height is 10cm.

Regular 3 pyramid

Regular 4 pyramid

Regular 6 pyramid

Regular 8 pyramid

Regular 16 pyramid

Regular 64 pyramid

Download [] (18KB)
(The development data for a set of the above pyramids are zipped.)


The prism base is inscribed to a circle with 4cm radius and the height is 8cm.

Regular 3 prism

Regular 4 prism

Regular 6 prism

Regular 8 prism

Regular 16 prism

Regular 64 prism

Download[] (24KB)
(The development data for a set of the above prisms are zipped.)

Truncated Polygons

Truncated Polygons are generated by truncating vertices of regular polygons. There are 5 truncated polygons.

Truncated Tetrahedron

Truncated Cube

Truncated Octahedron

Truncated Dodecahedron

Truncated Icosahedron

Download[] (30KB)
(The development data for a set of the above truncated polygons are zipped.)