Old Stable Version

Update History


  • Bugs related to [Merge Adjacent Flaps] have been fixed.


  • When [2D Menu]-[Merge Adjacent Flaps] is set ON, adjacent flaps that can be merged into one are now merged automatically (in the figure below, the blue dashed line is a line that does not actually need to be folded).
  • The output font size of the Edge ID in Pepakura Viewer Silhouette CAMEO has been changed.
  • Other maintenance has been performed.


  • The problem of loading OBJ format materials was fixed. Now the OBJ files exported by >PicoCAD can be imported.
  • Support for importing files with data issues such as duplicate faces and vertices has been improved.
  • Other maintenance has been performed.


  • The algorithm for layouting parts has been updated.
  • The texture color settings at the border of materials for printing has been adjusted.
  • When displaying the bending angle, the information is output to PDF files when the pattern is exported.


  • Minor bugs have been fixed.
  • When displaying the bending angle, the information is output to SVG and DXF files when the pattern is exported.

Ver.4.1.7a, b

  • Maintenance update.


  • It has became possible to toggle whether or not to place flaps alternately through [Setting]-[Other Settings]-[Other]-[Alternate the initial flap placement].
  • The algorithm of unfold has been updated; The edges between faces of different materials are always separated. The parts with the same material are placed close.


  • The mqoz file format of Metasequoia 4.7 and later has been supported.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause by grouping with text objects.


  • In order to support high resolution display, the judgment range of vertex selection at part rotation operation mode is expanded.
  • At [Join/Disjoin faces] mode, the selected edges in the 3D window became to be reflected on the 2D window.
  • At [Join/Disjoin faces] mode, now pressing the [Shift] key makes it possible to securely move parts.
  • The setting of the edge color is reflected when outputting in SVG format. Line thickness is set 0.5.
  • Fixed an issue where it is not possible to return to the normal value if an out-of-range value is specified in the item of [Advanced setting] dialog.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.


  • The size of the tool bar that became larger in Ver. 4.1.1 has returned to its original size. Instead, you can now change the size from [Settings] menu.
  • Problems on [Update 3D model] feature has been fixed.
  • Anti-aliasing is now applied to the arrows and highlighted edges displayed when editing the unfolded pattern.


  • Problems on [Update 3D model] feature has been fixed.


  • The algorithm for determining the shape of flaps has been improved.
  • Algorithm for part splitting and layout has been improved.


  • Parts are now highlighted in red even when crossing the paper boundary when checking the interference of parts.
  • The size of the tool buttons became bigger.


  • Maintenance update.
  • Screen rendering becomes faster when the edge IDs are being displayed.


  • Maintenance update (Update of Printing feature).


  • Maintenance update.


  • The option switching unit of length in inches has been added.([Setting]-[Unit of Length])
  • Feature of flap editing has been enhanced.([2D Menu]-[Edit Mode]-[Edit Flap]-[Shape])
  • The option to show dimension line has been added.([3D Menu]-[Show Dimension Lines])
  • The function of [Auto] for unfodling has been changed. The 3D model will be unfolded without changing user specified scale when [Auto] is checked.


  • Maintenance update.


  • Compatibility of DXF export has been improved.([File]-[Export]-[Vector Format])


  • The new feature of SVG export has been added. The SVG file is compatible with Inkscape.([File]-[Export]-[Vector Format])
  • [Texture Configuration] dialog has been updated so that it shows size of texture images.
  • DXF export feature has been updated so that Edge ID is exported.
  • PDF export feature has been updated.


  • The new feature of showing folding angles of edges has been added. ([2D Menu]-[Show Fold Angle])
  • An option for starting up Pepakura Viewer from Pepakura Designer has been added. ([File]-[Start Pepakura Viewer])
  • The user interface for changing flap position, and shape has been updated. ([2D Menu]-[Edit Mode]-[Edit Flap])
  • The problem that the option of hardware rendering can not be properly stored has been fixed. ([Settings]-[Other Settings]-[Advanced]-[Enable hardware rendering])
  • The problem that 3D model is not rendered properly when a plain color is set as background color has been fixed.


  • An option for changing Edge ID color has been added. ([Setting]-[Other Settings]-[Color]-[Edge ID])
  • The problem that old PDO file (saved by Pepakura Designer 2) can not be opened has been fixed.
  • The problem that properties of the sheet are not be restored has been fixed.


  • High-resolution texture images are supported. The size limitation was extended from 1,024px to around 8,000px width (or height).
  • File format of .pdo was changed. Robustness of locked files is strengthened. Pepakura Designer 3 cannot read the file saved by Pepakura Designer 4 unless using [File]-[Export]-[Pepakura Designer3 format].
  • An option to render screen with hardware acceleration was added. When this option is set, high-resolution texture is used on the screen rendering. ([Settings]-[Other Settings]-[Advanced]-[Enable hardware rendering])